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RECEPTION SITE. It’s 100% official. Saturday, we put down a deposit on Country Cottages & Gardens. Woohoo! Now for the next 710 days until the wedding, we will need everyone to rally good thoughts for wonderful weather on our wedding day (don’t be the weak link, do your part). And yes, I do have a countdown on my phone and every night I tell Cody the current count. Needless to say, we still have awhile.

In the mean time, here are some things we like:

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Location, location, location

With the wedding many months away, we are dreaming, looking and planning. Our day is May 4th, 2013. I believe that in order to know how your wedding is going to feel/look like, you need to find a reception site first. Since, Cody and I won’t be getting married in a church, the reception site is the most important to us. We want the ceremony and reception to happen in the same location. This will reduce cost and help with moving guests around.

Currently, with the wonderful help of my mother, we are looking for a reception site. Ideally, we would like a barn. We want our wedding to have a vintage feel and a bit rustic for my groom. Is that a lot to ask for from Ohio of all places! Ohio, you’re like the Queen of Barns!

I’ve have looked briefly at Happy Days Lodge a few weeks ago. We will probably have to look again together and when it isn’t so busy. It has the rustic look with huge wooden beams and wooden floors. It is also located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It would be an easy drive for family and friends. It being in a park, it does offer a reasonable price. The parking would be kind of funny. They have about ten spots right outside of the hall and then parking across the street. You get to the lodge by walking in a tunnel under the road and then up a long drive to the lodge.

This Saturday, Cody and I will be visiting Botzum Farmsteadin Akron, Ohio. This venue is very close to Happy Days Lodge and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Botzum is the home to many old beautiful barns and gorgeous green grasses, well from what I can gather from the pictures. It will be interested to see what Botzum can offer. From looking at the wedding pictures, it is beautiful. And exactly what I am looking for. But we will see, I don’t want to get my hopes up.


Finding unique reception location has proven to be quite challenging especially in Ohio. Maybe I am just making excuses? We want a location that is completely different from the hotels, mansions and halls that people normally use for weddings. We want something new and exciting; somewhere no one would have ever thought to have a wedding. Maybe we just need to get more creative, rather than blaming Ohio for the lack of uniqueness.

As for my mother, she is hoping for something a bit grander like the Canton Palace Theatre. Don’t get me wrong, it is unbelievably beautiful, but it’s a little much for me and Cody. We want to keep it more causal and not so regal. We just aren’t that couple that spends $30,000 on a wedding (gulp).  We are shooting for  under $10,000. We want an awesome wedding for dirt cheap. Wish us luck. I think with a little creativity, imagination and hard-work, it is possible.