New Things!

I am a little embarrassed about my lack of blog posts. Things have been absolutely crazy in my life. I recently started a new job and moved to a new city. My life has been total chaos, but exciting and moderately stressful chaos.

A few things have changed since my last post:
1) Cody and I have changed our wedding date. We are now proud new owners of a July wedding. With my new job, it is easier for me to take extended periods of time off in the summer time.
2) We bought The Dress and when I say “we”, I mean my mother. It is beautiful and gorgeous and nothing you expected me to wear!

That is all for now.


What you got there is a…

RECEPTION SITE. It’s 100% official. Saturday, we put down a deposit on Country Cottages & Gardens. Woohoo! Now for the next 710 days until the wedding, we will need everyone to rally good thoughts for wonderful weather on our wedding day (don’t be the weak link, do your part). And yes, I do have a countdown on my phone and every night I tell Cody the current count. Needless to say, we still have awhile.

In the mean time, here are some things we like:

Photos from Awesome site.

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The Reception Site

After an extreme weekend of reception venue viewing, Cody and I have decided on a location! Oh, boy is this exciting. On May 4th, 2013, Cody and I will be getting married at Country Cottages and Gardens in Mineral City, Ohio. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s first discuss the other candidates.

Friday, mom and I visited Quaker Square in Akron, Ohio. Quaker Square has a huge ballroom with impressive chandeliers and tall ceilings. It was a little too massive and impersonal for our taste. The site does have some great photo locations. We did get to go into one of the hotel rooms. They are all round! Like my Aunt Jill said, the rooms do have a weird echo. Overall: boring and typical.

Then Saturday, we went to Tara, A Country Inn in Pennsylvania. Tara is beautiful and unique, but not for us. They have two locations for large parties, a tent outside in the garden and the Old South Armory, a large room inside of the house. We first saw the tent, very nice. The good part comes when we go to the Armory. I walk into the Armory and every (EVERY) wall is covered with “the largest collection of Civil War guns in America.” I should have thought something when they said “Armory”. I say to our tour guide, “You have quite an impressive gun collection; can we cover them up?” Yeah, that was a big fat no way. Overall: unique, pretty and totally hilarious.

Let’s go back to the good part, County Cottages and Gardens. The estate has a large estate house and then smaller cottages surrounding the main house. My close family and friend will be able to stay in the surrounding cottages, making it a very wedding weekend. They also have a boathouse and pool house as well. In the center of the property is a large pond; we would be getting married right in front of it. As for the reception, we would walk over to the property’s massive deck! The desk comes with a super sweet bar and outdoor grill. The staff chef would be outside cooking everyone’s meal, think hibachi. We will be able to see and smell our tasty meal. Best of all, the estate comes with a full staff, a stress free day! The whole property gives off an easy/not-so-stuffy vibe. As for the price, let’s just say, you get a wallop of a bang for your tiny little buck. Overall: Perfect.Related articles

Extreme Wedding Weekend

Akron, OH 106

Image by steve loya via Flickr

Are you ready to hear what I’ve got planned for this weekend? Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be an extreme weekend of wedding shenanigans-gans-gans-gans. On Friday, I have a viewing of the ultra cool Quaker Square in Akron, Ohio. Courtesy of Wikipedia, “Quaker Square is a mall located in downtown Akron, Ohio, which is the result of the renovation of the Quaker Oats mill, silos, and factory which originally operated there. The complex is currently a hotel and a dormitory for the University of Akron.” When you stay at the hotel, the rooms are round because you sleep in a silo! It was a museum/ice cream parlor. Now, it’s just a weird mall.

They have a few different options for locations at Quaker Square. I will learn more about them Friday. From what I understand, there is a ballroom inside of the hotel, a large café with railroad cars and an additional building not attached to the hotel. Oh, the possibilities. I always imagined myself getting married at Quaker Square, but we shall see….

Saturday, my sisters, Roni and Rachel, my mom and I are heading to Pennsylvania. We are first going to The Winner to try on bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses for the first time. We don’t plan to buy, but when you are so close to the magic that is The Winner, you must stop. The Winner is extreme shopping to the max.

After a quick trip to The Winner, we are headed to Tara! “Tara! Home. I’ll go home, and I’ll think of some way to get him back! After all, tomorrow is another day!” Oh, the drama.  Tara is a nice country inn near Sharon, PA. From what I understand, it has tons of Gone with the Wind memorabilia. How terribly exciting! My mother failed to tell me that everyone at Tara dresses in period clothing, lots of hoop skirts and corsets, hoop skirts and corsets…

Then we are going to the place where dreams come true, Ikea.

Sunday, day of rest? Not a chance! We are all headed to Mineral City, Ohio to visit Country Cottage & Gardens. From what I can tell on the website, it looks so adorable. But, their pictures could be strategic.  Sneaky.  I like CC & G; they have a reception site combo. They have a cheap site fee and they do the catering.  The catering is probably where they make their money though. The food looks tasty, but they could be strategic. Sneaky.

Next week, I will have reviews and pictures of the locations and a report back from The Winner. Cody has to work the whole weekend, I have to take super notes. Wish me luck.