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Not so matchy-matchy

Well, what you’ve got here is a case of same, same, different. Same, same, different is where we are going with for our look.¬† We want things to work together, but not typically go together.

We are in hot pursuit for different shaped vases and place settings that have been mixed together for a cool vintage look. We are looking at flea markets for vintage centerpieces like mason jars or glass containers. You can visit Goodwill for a huge selection of random plates and glassware. All for about a buck a plate. I grabbed about 60 plates for $70 bucks. Not bad, right? The plates are all different colors and sizes.

Don’t get us started about colors. When it comes to colors, we don’t want colors. A lot of times, weddings look like a prom. We aren’t going to prom, we are getting married. You’ll go to a wedding and everything is pink and brown. Everything! Dresses, tuxes, cakes, centerpieces, the flower girl’s earring and every bow you see all match. We want to change it up, we don’t want to match at all and we just want to work. Cody and I are pretty eclectic people. We demand unique and not boring. Please and thank you.