The Art of Being A Pleasant Bride

There is an art to being a wonderfully pleasant bride and I shall share it with you.

Since the creation of the television show, “Bridezilla“, the typical bride has had the burden of being overly pleasant. This constant fear of being characterized as a “Bridezilla” has always been the back of our minds. But I think we can all face it, sometimes you want to explode. The pressure can be overwhelming and the stress unbearable.

Do what I do, let a little crazy out at a time. That is all. You’re welcome.


Well, would you?

When discussing details about a wedding, everyone always asks about the dress. To the bride, it is the most important part. The bride dreams about the perfect dress. From watching “Say Yes to the Dress”, you can see how important it is for a bride to find her dress. As a bride, it’s only natural for me to be super excited for dress shopping and all that it entails.

Currently, I don’t have my dress but I have my grandmother’s dress. My grandmother has given me her 1950s satin, vintage, wedding dress. She made this dress with her own hands! How stressful would that be, making your dress and juggling all your other wedding duties. What a wonder woman!

That being said, she said I can completely transform her dress into a dress of my dreams. Wow, what an offer right? But if anyone is reading out there in blogland, could you gut your grandmother’s vintage handmade dress?

I definitely want that vintage feel to my dress, but could I really change her wedding dress to make my wedding dress? On one hand, the dress would be given a new life and reborn into a dress that would be passed on. What if the dress turns out terribly and I hate it? And I would have to wear it! That is a bride’s worst nightmare.

Here is the plan, I will think about it. Because once we cut, there is no turning back.