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Engagement Pictures!

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A huge thank you to Yvonne Goll, our photographer. She is wonderful, check out her website! She is amazing.

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop

DIY Paper Flower Backdrop

I need to do this! I don’t know where I would use it at my wedding, but I must find a place for it.

Love it.

Spotify, The Wedding Song Selector

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been dreading the idea of creating some sort of playlist for your big fabulous day. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably dropped in onto one of your bridesmaids’ hands. Side note: This stuff is right up her alley; I think she is enjoying it. I know I am supposed to rely on the DJ for his music selection expertise, but I don’t. I have a pretty mean looking list of “Don’t You Dare Touch It” Music.

In addition to choosing music for just the reception, you have to select music for those magic moments. That is another challenge in itself (that I pushed off onto my bridesmaid).

While selecting a new playlist to listen to on Spotify, it hit me….

There must be wedding playlists on Spotify! Oh, are there. And I came to find out that a large chunk of those playlists are compiled by bored hipsters! It’s perfect. Below are some of my favorite playlists for your unique, indie and slightly hipster wedding. Enjoy.

The Art of Being A Pleasant Bride

There is an art to being a wonderfully pleasant bride and I shall share it with you.

Since the creation of the television show, “Bridezilla“, the typical bride has had the burden of being overly pleasant. This constant fear of being characterized as a “Bridezilla” has always been the back of our minds. But I think we can all face it, sometimes you want to explode. The pressure can be overwhelming and the stress unbearable.

Do what I do, let a little crazy out at a time. That is all. You’re welcome.

New Things!

I am a little embarrassed about my lack of blog posts. Things have been absolutely crazy in my life. I recently started a new job and moved to a new city. My life has been total chaos, but exciting and moderately stressful chaos.

A few things have changed since my last post:
1) Cody and I have changed our wedding date. We are now proud new owners of a July wedding. With my new job, it is easier for me to take extended periods of time off in the summer time.
2) We bought The Dress and when I say “we”, I mean my mother. It is beautiful and gorgeous and nothing you expected me to wear!

That is all for now.

Guest Blog on Kiss My Tulle

Hello! Sorry, it has been awhile. I’ve been in hot pursuit of a new job and haven’t had the pleasure of doing anything wedding-ish. But I did get to write a guest blog for Kiss My Tulle! I decided to write about how to be a wedding-loving feminist. Be sure to check it out.