About Jesi & Cody

Jesi & Cody met while working at Lowe’s Home Improvement, “Let’s build something together.” Okay, how about some love? They dated previously in 2007, but it ended after the awkwardness was too much to bare. After becoming great friends, they realized they still had feeling for each other and they started dating again in 2009. This time it stuck.

Cody proposed in January 2011, on one knee as she exited the bathroom. Cody asked for Jesi hand with a beautiful princess-cut, sapphire ring. She said yes easily.

Jesi & Cody are extremely excited to start building their life together starting with their wedding. This wedding blog will narrate Jesi & Cody’s road to the chapel. And it’s as a way for Jesi to get all of her crazy out without smothering her family and friends with wedding jabber.

Jesi & Cody currently reside in Northeast Ohio, Akron-ish area.



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