Wrap It Up, Bridesmaids!

I’ve been recently looking at different dresses for my bridesmaids.  For a long time, I wanted each bridesmaid to wear a different dress, but within the same color pallet. But lo and behold, I found the infinity wrap dress. This dress can be tied 15 different ways which realistically creates 15 different dresses! Oh, the opportunities!

I absolutely adore Two Birds’ dresses, but they are $310. Yikes. I would never make four of my best friends spend $300 on a dress. That being said, at least it would be $300 for 15 different dresses! I digress. I wouldn’t do that.

The dresses looks easy enough to make and my mother is a sewing wiz. So, we will make one, a test. I don’t want to throw all my girls into dress that will look awful on them.  We will take a trial run. I found a tutorial online and for $25, bought some fabric.

Let’s see how this goes. More details later! How terribly exciting!

Also! If anyone has any experience with these dresses and how they look on all different body types, I would love to hear about it.

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4 thoughts on “Wrap It Up, Bridesmaids!

  1. Oooo, I almost did those. I found several cheaper than $300 on Etsy in case your mother doesn’t want to sew them all.
    I have a couple of experiences with them: I purchased a cheap one from Target last fall with the thought that I could turn it into a dress that works well with a bra (a must for my chest). Alas, it does not – I thought perhaps this was my poor wrapping skills (and the fact that my fiance was my helper), but my friend used these for a wedding last month so I got to see them in action on lots of different body types. All the girls looked great and enjoyed their dresses, saying they would wear them again, but all had mostly bare backs. I have no idea how they did bras.
    Between that and my mother’s odd nagging about the fact that the hems appear uneven after they’re wrapped, I went with something else. But I love the idea!

    • I am excited to see if they work! I really want all of my bridesmaids to look great. I am glad to hear other people singing their praises. I want the dresses to be full length; I hope that will help with the annoying hem.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. I know I’m late to the party, but I just found your blog because my fiance and I are looking into booking the Country Cottage & Gardens as well and I googled the venue to see some reviews and stumbled across you! So I’m now virtually stalking you! I wanted to contribute that my stepsister also did the wrap dress for her wedding a couple years ago (and I plan on it as well… but I’m going for the longer version because we’re planning an October wedding) and the dresses were awesome! Her girls bought them from Victoria’s Secret and they all looked great! They were all able to come up with different wraps that covered their backs, so they were all able to wear bras, and the best part of it… they LOVED them and still wear them! I also bought one for myself this year, and although it’s made of a different fabric than theirs, I love it! I’ve worn it to a wedding and on date nights, and although there are definitely ways to wear it where you would have to wear a backless bra (like the kind you just stick on you!), I love the versatility of it and will definitely have my girls wear them as well! Hope this helps!

    • That is awesome! I fell in love with Country C&G! You must keep me posted about your wedding. I would love to see pictures.

      Thanks for the input about the dresses!

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