A Groom’s Suggestions

If Cody had control of the decor at our wedding, it would be a fishing wedding extravaganza.  It would include Coleman lanterns, fishing poles at each table and bowls with fish that are just asking to be caught. Well, I said no. I did say yes to the lanterns, but not to the Coleman. His love for fishing has no place in our wedding. That being said, my love for pandas and Special Agent Dale Cooper also doesn’t have any place at our wedding. Why? I will tell you. One, I can’t get a panda at the wedding. And two, Special Agent Dale Cooper went crazy in the last episode of Twin Peaks; he won’t be making any appearance anytime soon. But Jess, no fish!? I don’t want to acquire 20 goldfish after our reception.

Cody said that he wanted to invite Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters. And…I said no. I guess I am not any fun. Why in the world would I want to have Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters to our wedding? No one would want to have pictures taken with us; they would want one with the mythbusting duo.  I would like all the attention on us please!

Cody then asked if instead of a suit, he would rather wear a strormstrooper uniform. His requests were getting ridiculous at this point.

I did say yes to one suggestion from Cody. He would like a groom’s cake. He has free-range with that thing. He can put Jamie and Adam, Star Wars or fishing poles on it, I don’t care. Let’s see what he comes up with.

Oh, got some prices for Botzum. Let’s just say it’s a lot of money for just a barn. Cody and I will keep looking. We are off to look at Tara-A Country Inn and The Yellow Butterfly Winery. 


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