Haunted by Mason Jars

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From the start of all this planning, I’ve had the idea of mason jars as centerpieces at the reception. The mason jars would hold a large assortment of wildflowers. I’ve seen a lot of wedding use the jars as vases. I thought it was kind of neat, taking something that you typically wouldn’t see and place it in the center of our tables. I’ve seen other variations on the mason jars. Mason jars used as cups (cute, but a little too country for me) or lanterns (I could do that, it’s cute and cheap!).  Every single time I’ve brought up the idea of mason jars as vases my mother has cringed. I didn’t really take notice of it. Finally after weeks of mason jar talk, she finally spoke up, “I hate the mason jars, they remind me of your father and his obsession with everything country.” I laughed and said, “Okay, no mason jars.”

One of my dear friends, who will be married very soon, told me how she always felt like she need to please her family when it came to her wedding. She was always trying to incorporate her family’s ideas into her wedding. She said it was trying and quiet difficult. That was her first warning to me after I told her of my engagement. I wasn’t worried then or now about this warning. My family is pretty easygoing when it comes to these matters, but I do try to please my mother with things. It’s just because I like her.

When confronted with these issues, I think it is best to communicate your feelings and ideas. I being a communication major, I believe communication is the key to solving all problems, wedding or not.

Rather than a Momzilla, I would prefer a Mom-Kong.


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